May. 26th, 2010

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So this is now finally the batch I've been working on for ages. The theme was 'hands' as I wanted to focus on them at least partly. C'mon, Die's long fingers and... yeah. Anyway they have such beautiful hands it needed to be noticed XD This is probably the first bunch of a dozen or something, let's see when I manage to get to the next one.

It's a bit Kaoru-centric XD But c'mon, his hands are kind of appealing. If you have any pictures at all you want to see iconed (fitting the theme or not) let me know (in the spam post for example) and I'll see what I can do. I'm quite busy with school but hopefully there's time for icons too ;)

The second batch is [ profile] seinen_no's request, she wanted icons of hot guys and couples and this is what I managed to gather thus far XD More shall follow! I tried to include a few girls too but I found too few pictures I liked. Aanyways, enjoy!

[85] Dir en grey icons
- [17] Die
- [26] Kaoru
- [15] Kyo
- [12] Shinya
- [15] Toshiya

[30] stock icons people (some sexually suggestive)
- guys/girls/gay couples/straight couples/...

examples of the icons:

Your touch is burning on my skin. )

- Comment and tell me if you like them!
- Credit is nice but not mandatory. It just leads more people here so therefore is encouraged^^
- You can alter them as much as you wish.
- If you like, feel free to watch or join the community for updates. :)
- For resources and more information see the community userinfo.
- Questions? Suggestions? Want to be an affiliate? Want to request something? If so, go here.
- The picture spam post is still open for everyone.
- My finished graphics-challenges and awards.
- Enjoy!


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