Feb. 15th, 2011

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Okay I AGAIN have massive amounts of icons to post and since I know it'd kill me to post them all at once, I'm trying hard to divide them to smaller batches. And by small, as you can see, I mean 166 icons and some wallpapers. Go me. Seriously, I'm sick, I need help XD

ANYWAY. As I said, I'm trying to divide them to smaller batches so the next one shall be fully dedicated to animated icons, while this one is now still icons. And more specifically the still icons I've scraped up of Super Junior (M, mainly XD oh Mimi).

...be warned? I clearly play favorites. Though partly it's because I don't have many pictures of all of them *laughs* Anyway, enjoy! And look forward to the bunch with lots of animated icons! ;)

[166] Super Junior (+M) icons
- [58] group/pairs
- [44] Zhou Mi
- [35] Kyuhyun
- [13] Ryeowook
- [05] Heechul
- [03] Hankyung
- [02] Donghae, Henry, Leeteuk
- [01] Siwon, Yesung

[19] SJM banners
- [13] Zhou Mi
- [03] Kyuhyun&Zhou Mi
- [01] Heechul&Zhou Mi, Henry&Zhou Mi, Sungmin&Zhou Mi

[06] SJM wallpapers
- [03] Zhou Mi
- [03] Kyuhyun&Zhou Mi

examples of the icons:

Clickity clack~ )

- Comment and tell me if you like them!
- Credit is nice but not mandatory. It just leads more people here so therefore is encouraged.
- You can alter them as much as you wish.
- If you like, feel free to watch or join the community for updates. :)
- For resources and more information see the community userinfo.
- Questions? Suggestions? Want to be an affiliate? Want to request something? If so, go here.
- The picture spam post is still open for everyone.
- My finished graphics-challenges and awards.
- Enjoy!


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