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Only two doors I have, one to sleep and one to death.

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the community

This community was born as [info]sherg and [info]fonulyn needed a place where to dump the results of their creativity.

Mainly the community will consist on icons, wallpapers, mobile phone wallpapers and other graphics, but there will be fanvideos, fanarts and other possible works included as well.

[info]sherg and [info]fonulyn will remain as the ones who are allowed to post in the community, but you're very welcome to join the community or watch it to keep up with updates :)

Entries will mostly remain public.

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+ If you take anything, remember to leave a comment, it will make us happy :)
+ If you want to credit, credit either [info]avaruusvirta or [info]sherg/[info]fonulyn depending on whose post it is.
+ Also, you're welcome to make your own changes and additions to the graphics, unless otherwise stated.
+ If something makes us angry, it's stealing bandwidth. Do NOT make us angry. :)


You're always welcome to make requests [for example here], and we will try to fulfill those if we have the time. Don't be shy, and the offer goes for everything from icons on forward.
But if you request something we're not familiar with, then please be ready to provide us with needed pictures as well :)

All mobile phone wallpapers will be uploaded to Mobile9. We do not get paid for this. These wallpapers are all free except for your own web payments.
Please, make sure you know how much using the web will cost you! Read downloading details and make requests here.

Questions? Suggestions? Want to be an affiliate? Want to request something? Anything at all, you can always connect us in the most recent post, or here in this entry.

Remember, the picture spam post is still open for everyone as well!

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graphics journals:
[info]_wolfie - [info]85a - [info]100nights - [info]agitated_scream - [info]aldoll_designs - [info]blacklaboratory - [info]childrenofprey - [info]chippugp - [info]erase_replace - [info]funky_junk - [info]i_ki_routa - [info]ice_cubed - [info]joyce_graphics - [info]king_bucket - [info]taxader_me - [info]winterainz

[info]jmusic50 - icon challenge community
[info]perriariokle - a photography community
[info]pictured_life - icon challenge community
[info]xsakitjiwax - a resource community
[info]diru_nandemo - a very versatile Dir en grey community
[info]diru_tabloids - a Dir en grey news community

We highly recommend to check the links^^
And if you want to be an affiliate, just drop us a comment!

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Interests (136):

ac/dc, akira, aladdin, alucard, amorphis, anime, apulanta, aristocats, ayumi hamasaki, banners, beauty and the beast, big bang theory, biker mice from mars, bonanza, bonnie tyler, butterflies, cats, chuck schuldiner, colorbar, crouching tiger hidden dragon, die, die ärzte, dir en grey, disney, disney's movies, donald duck, donald sutherland, donghae, entourage, eternal darkness, eunhyuk, evil dead, fanvideos, finland, flowers, fruits, fv, gackt, games, gazette, guybrush threepwood, han geng, han solo, happy tree friends, headers, heechul, hellsing, henry lau, hitsugi, horror movies, hyde, hägar the horrible, icons, j-rock, jackie chan, johnny depp, kakihara, kangin, kaoru, kaoru/die, kibum, komisario palmu, kotiteollisuus, kyo, kyuhyun, kyuhyun/zhou mi, lamb of god, landscape, leeteuk, leon s. kennedy, link, lion king, m.a.s.h., metallica, miyavi, mobile phone wallpapers, mobile9, monkey island, movies, mucc, murray, music, music videos, nature, nightmare, nightmare on elm street, nintendo, olivia, photography, pink, pocahontas, pokemon, prison break, qmi, quotes, rammstein, resident evil 4, ryeowook, sami kukkohovi, sammy davis jr, scorpions, sean connery, sendai kamotsu, sentenced, shindong, shinya, siwon, slipknot, sonata arctica, star wars, stock, stone sour, summer, summer cottage, sungmin, super junior, super junior m, super smash bros, supernatural, the dark tower, the legend of zelda, the oz, the scorpion king, tom tiger, toshiya, toshiya/die, trigun, videogames, ville laihiala, wallpapers, yesung, youtube, zelda, zhou mi, ,
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